About Us

Here at Capone’s, we’re proud to be the very first old time picture studio in Wisconsin Dells, WI. Our clientele includes both local customers and people who travel for miles for the one-of-a-kind experience we offer. Depend on our friendly staff members to create fun, entertaining, and unique memories—just like we’ve been doing for more than 40 years!

Our Sets

At our picture studio, each set is the real deal—not a pull-down screen. You and your friends or family can have your antique picture taken on an exciting variety of stages and sets, including:

  • An Authentic 1934 Chevy for Gangsters
  • An Old West Saloon for Cowboys & Bar Ladies
  • A Formal Parlor for the Classic Victorian/Civil War Era
  • A Western Bathhouse
  • A Honky Tonk Piano
  • A Treasure Chest Filled with Jewels & Gold for Pirates
  • A Frontier Cabin for Pioneers
  • A 1950s Diner for after Sock Hops
  • And So Many More

Our Costumes

You’re sure to be impressed by our selection of costumes to complement all our vintage-era themes. We have costumes of all sizes, meaning everyone can join us, dress up like the old days, and make a memory to last a lifetime.

Capone's Staff Dressed Like A Gang
Portrait of Three Smiling Girls